Nathan Moore – 80s Idol show

Nathan Moore, former front man of Brother Beyond and Worlds Apart, came to prominence in the 80s when he was noticed by the ground breaking producers, Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Brother Beyond’s smash hit, ‘The Harder I Try’, was only kept from reaching No.1 in the charts by Phil Collins’ ‘A Groovy Kind of Love’ but it didn’t stop them from becoming a successful mainstream pop group.

Other than performing, Nathan has also co-managed acts such as Lisa Scott-Lee, Natasha Bedingfield, James Fox, Haydon Eshun, Phixx and the opera singer Keedie, as well as appearing on the TV shows Totally Scott-Lee for MTV and Boys Will Be Girls for Channel 4.

After a break, Nathan returned to performing live after appearing on the ITV show 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. Tours would follow with Rick Astley and Kim Wilde, as well as regular appearances at the hugely popular Rewind Festivals. In 2011 Worlds Apart reformed for a nationwide arena tour in France.

Nathan is an amazing showman, and his 80s Idol Show will drive the ladies crazy.