After over 10 years performing solely as Sinatra for just about every conceivable event from London to Singapore, Simply Sinatra is probably the most experienced and well rounded Sinatra show you will find anywhere. Having captured every nuance of Frank Sinatra’s live performances this show is in constant demand worldwide.

Whether working an intimate cabaret room with his pianist or quartet, solo with his personal collection of orchestral backing tracks or his or entertaining a packed dance floor or theatre with full Big band at full throttle the result is the same …Excellence!

This show is packed with talent charisma combined with stunning showmanship to make it one to remember. The same height slim build and blue eyes as the man himself (he was used as a body double for Frank at Simon Cowells 50th Birthday party and recently for a ‘One show’ feature with Gyles Brandreth.) plus a remarkable facial likeness to Frank circa 1960 coupled with inspired, witty and subtle vocal impersonation in both singing and speaking voice making for a rare entertaining and engaging performance that is unforgettable.

When you have an important event that requires Sinatra then look no further than Swingin’ Sinatra

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